Our Vineyards

Sun Valley Vineyard - Gisborne

Secluded on the furthest eastern point of New Zealand,
you will discover the `Chardonnay Capital`.

Gisborne is the third largest wine growing region area in New Zealand, and is renowned around the world for its distinctive wine styles, emboldened with intense fruit flavours and an easy drinking style. This unique region provides excellent growing conditions, basking in long sunshine hours, with fertile soils and easy access to water. There is a taste of sunshine in every bottle of our wines produced here, including Pinot Gris,
Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Brunton Road Vineyard

Situated on the lush plains of Gisborne and located close to the coast, The Brunton Road vineyard is opportunely warm and dry throughout the growing season. Benefiting from soothing afternoon sea breezes that help maintain optimum conditions around the bunches as they develop, grapes grown here champion our on-going dedication to sharing the best that the Gisborne region has to offer.

Blackwood Vineyard

Nestled between the hills in the Ngātapa Valley in Gisborne, the Blackwood Vineyard enjoys idyllic growing conditions, with an abundance of sunshine and fertile soils that consistently produce abundant crops of rich and high-quality fruit.

Marlborough Vineyards

Marlborough is New Zealand’s largest winegrowing region, and is famously known around the world for its crisp, fruit-driven Sauvignon Blanc.
We work with expert contract growers and suppliers throughout Marlborough to ensure a trusted supply of premium quality grapes from this region. The bright warm days and cool clear nights create a slow ripening period, bringing out the best in the vines. It is these conditions that make our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc so special.